In this modern decade, People are always busy with their duties and regular activities. So we lost many good habits and activities in this busy life.

Our aim is to create the habit of writing different types of books, whatever it may be like Poetry, Biography, Short stories, Good poems, Patriotic poem, Tamil kavitahikal, Hikoo, Best kavaithaikal, Religious books, and move on. We give more books and guides importance to creative writers. Basically, book publishing is very hard and costly, but in this way, the Padippagam website is a very low price to upload your book and it comes around worldwide. We readily were waiting to publish your works. “Publish With Low Price You Can Spread Your Priceless Thoughts through ”. Our team is waiting for your amazing works to publish on our website as ebooks. Today’s world is run by the internet so all of them want in their hand so we simplify that as possible. It plays a prominent role. No one is ready to go to the library to read books. So on our website, people can read books through their mobile phones. It is a very easy way to improve our knowledge. School textbooks are also available in our

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